Worthiness 15ml- Eau de Parfum
Worthiness 15ml- Eau de Parfum

Worthiness 15ml- Eau de Parfum

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Worthiness, a fragrance that exudes opulence and refinement, invites you to indulge in its captivating oriental woody composition. This scent is a harmonious blend of exquisite ingredients that epitomize nobility and regal confidence.

The fragrance unfolds with a luxurious communion of the noble spice Cinnamon and Pimento Leaf. These aromatic notes entwine, creating a warm and inviting opening that captures attention and sets the stage for the olfactory journey ahead. A sensual corsage of Rose and Orris follows, adding a touch of floral elegance to the composition. These delicate blooms enhance the fragrance, evoking a sense of grace and sophistication.

As the scent develops, the base notes emerge, revealing the true essence of Worthiness. The confident presence of a king and queen is reflected through the deep and rich tones of Tonka Bean and Patchouli. These earthy elements contribute to the fragrance's noble character, enveloping the wearer in an aura of self-assuredness. To conclude this olfactory masterpiece, a thread of the finest quality Oud infuses a subtle smokiness, adding depth and intrigue to the overall composition.

Worthiness is more than just a perfume; it is a profoundly noble experience that awakens the senses and announces the presence of royalty. Its intricate blend of spices, floral notes, Oud, and woody accords creates a harmonious symphony that commands attention and leaves a lasting impression. Immerse yourself in this regal fragrance and embrace the confidence and grandeur it bestows upon you.


Top :  Cinnamon Bark LMR, Pimento Leaf LMR

Middle :  Rose Absolute LMR, Orris LMR, Tonka Bean LMR

Base  : Oud LMR, Patchouli LMR, Vetiver Haiti LMR, Vanilla Bean Extract CO2 LMR



  • Gender-neutral/Unisex 
  • Eau de Parfum
  • Longest-lasting & Timeless
  • Masterfully crafted with the highest quality ingredients
  • British Imperial State Crown Inspired Cap embellished with Ruby and Emerald Stones
  • Hand-cut crafted crystal Adorned with Sparkly diamond-cut Crystals round the 24-karat real gold plated neck.

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