Fragrance Stories



The Royal Essence Collection is a tribute to the origins of perfumery. Inspired by seven of the world’s most grandiose royal families, the collection explores the historical journey of these majestic families and the lands they hail through fragrances that celebrate royalty, eminence, legacy and the splendor of kings and queens.

Creating an unmatched mystic aura of opulence, these seven fragrances transport you to the center of the lives of these royal families and span the time and vast continents they represent. The Royal Essence Collection is a masterful blend of earth’s finest modern and classic ingredients, expressing the boundless beauty of our nature with unheralded charm and sensibility. A collection celebrating the royalty within each of us, crafted for kings and queens alike


The Floral Trio Collection

 Discover the beautiful world of Benigna Parfums and embrace your different moods with The Floral Trio Collection, a suite of fragrances that translate Benigna’s love of flowers and vision of graceful beauty, vital determination and boundless joy into three magnificent perfumes. Each perfume was specially formulated to be worn alone or to be layered, offering limitless possibilities for blending, experimentation, and joyful sensory experiences.


Inspiration of Absolute Celebration

 Absolute Celebration is a bright, fruity floral inspired by Benigna’s love for flowers and her zest and pure enthusiasm for life. The heart is the Bulgarian rose, and she has always been wildly attracted to the rose – an important cornerstone in perfumery. Much like one’s dreams in life, the petals of the blossoming rose unfold as the perfume represents the diligent and relentless effort put in to the work, and celebrates the beautiful reward that comes when you’ve achieved your goals.

Inspiration of Premier Amour

Premier Amour is a sweet gourmand floral that is influenced by Benigna’s memories of her first love. Her passion for flowers is boldly reflected centering around the sultry Tuberose and melded with woods and spices to keep the scent mysterious and alluring. We always remember the sweetness of our first love – it endures in our heart and mind the longest and takes us back to a place we yearn to be, recalling cherished romantic moments, and inspiring new ones.
Inspiration of Escape Velocity
Escape Velocity is a heady, fresh floral flawlessly composed with a blend of Benigna’s beloved White and Bulgarian Roses to invigorate the never-ending quest to master what appears impossible and break free from what holds us back. The sky is never the limit, and no matter what the challenges – you can find a way to overcome and escape your surroundings through the power of creativity, resourcefulness, and confidence.